What is This Blog About?

I know some people may be confused about what my blog is about nowadays, so I wanted to set the record straight here.

Well I started this blog back in 2007 as a non-believer. I put my sole trust of ever getting better on natural medicine and man. I began this blog on the premise that I was going to be easily fixed with some adrenal support, supplements and maybe some detox. I was very wrong. As I researched and learned more and more about the body, the hole I was digger was getting deeper and deeper. I desperately grasped onto any new theory that might be "the one" to cure me.

After my husband was injured by a supplement, it still wasn't enough. I kept doing what I was doing and still thought I was going to figure this all out.

It took a long while, but I had to come to the end of myself and come to the end of worshiping other gods. Who were those gods? It was everything that I had done over the years. It was all the supplements, the genetic methylation SNPs, heavy metal detoxing and everything else in between. I had to leave all the forums and online communities that surround these chronic illness communities too. God put me through a spiritual detox.

As it stands now, there is no cure for POTS and treatments are pretty sketchy too. I have moved away from believing in what man can do for me and have been focusing my time and attention on what Jesus can do for me. I know people who have known me over the years, just roll their eyes and have stopped talking to me. I get it. I'm "one of those people" now, but that's ok. Yes I am one of the crazy ones. I understand your skepticism and I hope that one day we will be able to talk again about how Jesus can be your Lord and Savior too.

Let's take a look at my journey though. I did the natural health stuff for 7-8 years. I blogged about it from 2007 to 2012 and I made very little progress with my health. Many times I suffered with horrible symptoms from the things I tried. 

Science failed.
Doctors failed.
Amateur researching failed.
Natural medicine failed.

It took me 8 years to realize that there was never any hope in what I was doing. Don't let that be you too! Please know that there is hope and life when you put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. I can't promise you that healing comes instantly because that has not been my journey, but healing is available to us by what Jesus did and I continue to pray for healing.

I have given my life to Jesus and continue to understand more of what God feels and thinks of me as His daughter. God has given me gifts and talents that I hope to use for His glory one day! Just 2 years ago, I was in a much different place...I always thought there was a God, but really did not like the idea because I figured he hated me and wanted to strike me down for all the horrible things I had done in my life. When I heard the Gospel preached and came to find out that Jesus died for those sins, it was like a light bulb went off in my head. Things that used to torment me in my mind, vanished. That voice that used to bring me shame and condemnation, I realized was not God but was Satan trying to keep me from being reconciled to God. Satan will try to stop you from experiencing what God has for your life. That wall I had built and uncomfortability I had about the things of God, I truly believe it was demonic. It was like a fog lifted from me spiritually and I got to see things in a totally different light. That's what happens when a person invites Jesus into their life because Holy Spirit lives inside and starts doing a work from the inside out.

All those years, I thought God hated me and he actually loved me and wanted me to come back to Him. I had been deceived by legalism and hypocritical Christians who weren't really living for Jesus at all. God is merciful and loves us, but we have to believe in His son Jesus in order to be saved. When you repent of your sins and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you may be surprised to see the changes that begin to happen in your life. But you have to make that first step, but know that God has amazing plans for your life too. You just have to listen and let Him make these things come to pass, but first you must let go of self and let Him be in charge.

Below are videos of two women who were healed of POTS. The one woman I am friends with her on Facebook and she really is healed!. ;) Praise be to God!! I pray that each of us will experience healing in our lives through the blood of Jesus.