Saturday, August 29, 2009

Scariest Chest Pain Ever

Yesterday I was having horrific anxiety again, which has come on since starting the Armour. I think I probably have a Reverse T3 problem and I just got some labs done to see.

I was getting ready for bed and my heart seemed a little weird. I just had this strange feeling and I felt extremely lightheaded and dizzy. So I went to lie down and my husband was talking to me. Then suddenly this intense stabbing pain hit me like a damn train. It completely took my breath away and went on for about 25 seconds. I got so scared, I started to cry and hyperventilate.

Then suddenly...gone. WTF!? I was ready to call 9-11 because it felt like a heart attack. It has me so freaked out now. It was such a sharp pain. Probably the worst pain I've ever felt in my entire life. Worse than that kidney stone I had years ago. Worse than falling off the monkey bars and having to walk home with a broken arm. It was so intense.

It was NOT one of those Precordial Catch pains. I've had those before where it hurts to breathe out the whole way. No no. This was like someone was squeezing my heart as tight as possible. I felt almost paralyzed by the pain.

Why can't stuff like this happen when I have a monitor on me? lol

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