Thursday, August 9, 2012

23andMe $50 Off Coupon Code (Expires Aug. 12)

I told people I'd let them know if 23andme ever did a sale, so as promised here we go!! Today I got an email giving $50 off, so that makes the kit out to $249 plus shipping. This code expires 11:59PM PDT, Sunday August 12, 2012.

The coupon code is: 

There is no limit to the number of times the code can be used, so please feel free to pass this along to your own families, friends, co-workers. The more people we get tested at 23andme the more potential cousins we all get, so it's a win win for all of us!

Also this actually isn't too bad of a deal at all. It will only end up being about $40 more than what I paid when they used to do the $99 plus monthly subscription fee. In the long run, that's pretty negligible, so it's an excellent time to test family members we have all been putting off.

23andme was a Christmas gift from my mom (I asked her for it) and it has been really good for me. Using the different 3rd party tools available, it has helped me get some insight in my chronic health issues.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Getting Our House Ready

For a healthy couple, getting a house ready to sell is a lot of work. It involves a lot of lifting, fixing, cleaning and going through stuff to toss out.

For a chronically ill couple, getting a house ready to sell is nearly impossible. We wake up feeling tired, nauseous, weak and plain terrible and we didn't even do anything the day before.

There are things that I should have done about 5 years ago, but my poor health has kept me from doing it. I never painted the hallway or the landing at the top of the stairs. Then there's the trim my lovely Vegas has taken his claws to that needs completely repaired. Then the overgrown shrubs, trees and weeds outside. I can't even begin to think about how that is going to get done.

These are things most normal couples take for granted. They can just go outside and do a nice day of hardwork, feel a little tired, come in, make dinner and feel happy about their accomplishment. My husband and I on the other hand, we take 2 steps outside and immediately give up. He feels dizzy, weak and my heart rate is 170. For years there was no way for us to even cut our grass so we had to hire a company to do it for us. Now with money in the negative, this has to come to an end.

We have to move, but how do you move when you feel too sick to move? Catch 22.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

When Things Don't Go As Expected

On Monday morning I had to get up early and go to my cardiologist for a 3 month check up to see how I was doing.

I was only running on a few hours of sleep because I've been staying up later and later and later at night. This is just something I have always done. I think because I usually feel better at night.

Well I was in the waiting room when my sister text'd me that my aunt died suddenly sometime earlier this morning.... Ugh. My aunt was only 65 years and died from sudden cardiac arrest. Meanwhile I'm sitting in the cardiologist's waiting room.

I talked to her on the phone probably about a year ago because she started to get a rapid heart rates, which I believe was SVT and Afib. These types of arrhythmia are dangerous for this very reason. It can send you into cardiac arrest... My high heart rates are sinus tachycardia which docs say is not serious.

I don't really have too much to say about it. It is very sad that she died and it was so sudden. With the weather being so hot though, I am unable to travel down to her funeral.

My uncle died suddenly from a heart attack many years ago. It really shook the family much like I think her death will too. She was a very caring, laid back, easy going person. She will definitely be missed!

Rest in Peace.

Portsmouth, VA - Ida Marie Hummel, 65, died July 30, 2012. A native of Pennsylvania, she was predeceased by her husband, Michael Donald Hummel; sister, Mary Louise Huber; and brother, the Rev. John R. Huber. Mrs. Hummel was a retired Navy Chief and Vietnam veteran. She later worked at Maryview Medical Center, Portsmouth General Hospital and the Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth. She was a member of St. Paul's Catholic Church.

A devoted mother and grandmother, she is survived by two sons, Michael Hummel and wife Carolina and John Hummel and wife Alisha; one sister, Rita Dobson and husband Gary; three brothers, Lawrence J. Huber and wife Rose Marie, Thomas R. Huber and wife Karen, and Robert C. Huber and wife Carol; and four grandchildren, Isabella, Madison, Ellie-Anna and, Annie Hughes.

A funeral service will be held on Saturday, Aug. 4, at 1 p.m. in St. Paul's Catholic Church by the Rev. Christopher Hess. The family will receive friends at Sturtevant Funeral Home, Portsmouth Blvd. Chapel on Friday from 7-8:30 p.m.