Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apparently Nothing is Wrong with me

Holter Monitor came back "Normal".

Here's the full report

1. Total recording was for 23 hours 59 minute with approximately 9 minutes of deletion due to artifact. The underlying rhythm was normal sinus rhythm. PR interval was 0.14, QRS 0.06, QT Interval normal. Lower heart rate was 55, upper heart rate was 159 BPM. Normal AV conduction.
2. Rare ventricular ectopy, totally 20, All Single.
3. Rare supraventricular ectopy, totally 74, 47 were Isolated, 18 paired. There were short runs of sinus arrythmia, but no significant tachyarrythmias were present.
4. The patient had no significant ST depression or elevation.
5. The patient completed a diary and had rapid heart rate and rapid breathing at approximately 1 PM. This was associated with sinus/sinus tachycardia.

Overall, Holter Monitor is benign showing normal sinus rhythm with multiple episodes of rapid atrial rhythm, which were associated normal sinus rhythm and sinus tachycardia. No inappropriate supraventricular tachycardia was seen.

Now the sick thing was that this was a GOOD DAY for me. 160 heart rate is about normal for me if I do normal daily activities yet it looks like during these "episodes" the heart is beating fine. I guess that's good, but I feel like shit. So now what?

I go in for a the Tilt Table Test on October 13. I've had this BULLSHIT for 7 years, so what's another 3 weeks?

In other news, my husband was in the hospital for 3 days with guess what? TACHYCARDIA! After all these tests, they have no idea. What a surprise. No one knows what causes mine either. In the past few weeks I've had a lot of weird things happen to me. I'm not exactly sure how to explain it, but I feel like a different person emotionally and spiritually. When my husband was admitted to the hospital after having an adrenal crisis, it really shook me up. I had to take control of everything and drive myself around. I haven't done that for years and I realized that I can still do all of that if I put my mind to it. I realized that I can be as independent as I want to be, but I just have to give myself a chance to do it. I dunno. I can't even explain what I feel, but whatever it was it was for the better. My anxiety is gone...completely.

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