Wednesday, March 28, 2012

23andme Genetic Results Are In

I plan on making a huge report of everything I found out both on my blog and in a youtube video. I found out some unbelievable things which I cannot wait to report to all of you.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. It might have saved my life....


Nienke said...
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Nienke said...

Oh wow, I cannot wait for that blog post! I hope it's mostly positive, and nothing extremely bad (i wish you no bad at all, but we both know that something must be going on with you).

I finally got diagnosed 2 weeks back. Spent so much time in the hospital and I had only 3hrs of energy every day. Felt like a wrack. Slowing crawling back to being the normal me.
I don't have sarcoid, but did have Löfgren syndrome about 1,5yr have ago. I got diagnosed with 2 types of arthritis and also Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder (MCTD), and a huge vitamin D and B12 lack.
I also have scl-70 and mitochondrial antibodies, i didn't get a related diagnosis for that but it does make me worried.

Definitely a bit of a shock, having 3 auto-immune diseases... But I started with meds and vitamin shots and I'm feeling better already :) Just happy the 17yr long fight with stupid,ignorant doctors is over!

Hope yours is coming to an end as well! However , I must say the real fight never ends. I'm currently fighting 'friends' about my diagnosis. Some don't believe it, some suggest it's caused by the weirdest things and others just completely ignore me :-/

take care!!!

Birdlady said...

It's so nice to hear from you again!

I'm sorry to hear you have a MCTD. I also have terrible vitamin D and B12, so that is interesting. :)

I'll probably end up making a youtube video before I get the blog post made up. I wanted to include as much detail as possible, so it's going to take me some time to gather everything together. The amount of data you get with 23andme is extensive. I could probably research this stuff for months and still not understand it all.. Genetics is not my strong point! lol

Let's just say I have something very very rare but as long as I avoid certain medications I should be good. ;)

I know all to well the friend issues. I honestly don't have many friends left. I don't really blame them, but it's pretty hard at times. I have my husband and he's been a lifesaver to me, but sometimes you just need someone else to talk to. ;)

My friends mostly just don't care at all. They are only concerned about their lives which is honestly true for most people. We don't really care about stuff until it affects us personally.