Monday, October 1, 2012

The Leaves Are Gorgeous This Year!

For the past few years, we have had pretty underwhelming fall foliage. This year however is shaping up to be quite amazing. Maybe if I am feeling up to it, I'll try to get some snapshots of the leaves in the area. They are simply beautiful. The bright reds and oranges are! No words can really describe how vibrant and beautiful they look.


Robert Elrod said...

 We should trust our instincts and get a second opinion if it doesn't match what we feel is wrong with us. Doctors do make mistakes.
I have had symptoms off and on for most of my life. You having your story up on YouTube has shaved years off getting my diagnosis. When I first saw your post I was like "that's just like what I go through". Except I had never really monitored my heart rate. That was the final nail that allowed me to force my doctor to at least consider something other than anxiety. What the nurse said to you is the feed back I had been getting from my doctors office to, until I showed him your magic trick with my heart rate. He still fought me every step of they way even then. I didn't start demanding to find out what was wrong with me until the YouTube videos started showing me how to test at home. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing. I wanted to do something to help people who are looking for help. I made a video to help encourage patients to stand up and help shorten how long they have to go without treatment. I did finally get a diagnosis last week. Hyperpots with dysautonomia and a possible hyper joint mobility. And a yet to be determined fourth issue on stress test of my heart rate going to a unbelievable 272 bpm with 200/110. Appointment in the morning for that. I just want you to know and tell your husband that however much time you spent on your videos have changed the my life and my wife and kids as well as myself greatly appreciate it. If you get a chance and feel comfortable with a little offensive I made a clip. I got carried away a little when making it but I so wish I could have said that to my doctors over the years. I only have one up right know nut it call invisible illness. I know you know what its like' with the exception of a few foul words it is really good.

Dana said...

I'm really glad my videos helped you. I only wish I could offer you more assistance with actually feeling better...Ha! Nothing I've done has been much help long term, but hopefully that won't be the case for you!!

Your HR and blood pressure were both scary high! wow!

Take care of yourself and thanks for stopping by! :) I loved your video. lol