Monday, August 25, 2008

Continuing With This Blog

I've decided that I will continue to update this blog with information as I go. The focus of this blog has shifted away from what it's main purpose was in the beginning. However, it may be a good thing to interject the idea that some adrenal fatigue is caused by toxins in our bodies. It may not simply be from what we all think is "stress". We have to remember that "stress" to our bodies includes caffeine, heavy metals, skipping meals, certain medications, life events and exercise. Our bodies cannot distinguish good stress from bad stress.

When I thought I had adrenal fatigue I really wasn't stressed out. There was no reason to be stressed because I work from home with my husband. I had a few stressful periods in my life from family deaths, but day-to-day stress was at a minimum.

Those of you reading this, I just ask you to be open minded when looking for treatment options. A pill isn't always the way to go unless you have no other options. If there are no other options, then you must make sure you are treating the actual problem and not a symptom of another problem--like heavy metal poisoning.

When you think you know everything there is to know about adrenal fatigue, you really don't know much at all..

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