Friday, April 2, 2010

First time for everything

Today was pretty hot as I complained about earlier. Tonight as I was making dinner, I noticed that I was feeling really nauseous. It really just came out of nowhere.

Dinner was ready and I started eating. By the time I was finished, it felt like a pile of concrete was in my stomach. All I had was 2 chicken wings and a salad...

I was getting this fullness near my breastbone and I started to get the chills. The waves of nausea were getting more frequent and even more uncomfortable than the last. Out of desperation, I decided to sublingual a 5mg HC tab to see what would happen. I was not late on my doses and I didn't particularly do anything strenuous to need a "stress dose". However within 5 minutes, I knew that the HC was helping. I sublingual-ed another 5mg because I figured if I was that far down the low cortisol chain, I wasn't far off from my BP dropping and it heading into something much more dangerous.

Today I can say was the first time that I've experienced nausea to that extent from low cortisol. The sad thing is that I have no idea what triggered it. Within 20 minutes of taking the extra HC, I was up and about doing my normal nonsense. There's no way it was placebo as I had my head in a bucket getting ready to barf. It sort of freaked me out because I showed no other signs of low cortisol! I ended up taking 32.5mg of HC today.

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