Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Small Victories

I went to the store today on my own. YAY! I didn't freak out or have any anxiety about it. Often times I only post the negative things that happen in my life, so I thought I'd throw in a good one!

My headaches are gone, so I have to assume it was the florinef. I'm bummed about it, but at least I feel better now.

My weight has been up and down. I lose/gain 5 pounds give or take from day to day! haha Very weird, but I've always been like that for as long as I can remember.

Today the sun is shining, so that helps. It's a little chilly and quite windy, but I'm happy. The cat grass is finally sprouting outside, so the kitties will have a treat in a few days.

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eLow said...

Hello birdlady... i stumbled upon your blog while searching for "adrenal fatigue" and "mercury" i would totally like to talk to you sometime about all of it, because i'm having similar problems, and i'd love to compare notes. I'm also around your age, 24, and we should not be having such problems. I believe it HAS to be toxicity of some sort. Anyway, i have to head to work.

Write me back please!