Monday, May 3, 2010

Today is a TERRIBLE POTS Day

Today is just SOO awful. How the hell am I supposed to live like this? I just feel like bursting out in tears because my the youthful years of my life have been wasted. If I can feel this terrible at 26, then I'll likely be in a wheelchair at 40.


imgeha said...

Dana :-((

why was today so terrible? Did you take the beta blocker? Can you put it down to anything? Hormones? I know this sort of post-mortem drives me crazy, but you've got to keep at this. I know it's difficult, especially as you're so young. You will improve, and life will get better. You have to hang on to that.

Sending strength your way...


Birdlady said...

Nothing is different. I took all of my meds like usual. It's just summer and with summer the heat intolerance is debilitating. Simply walking around the house my heart rates can be 140+ and even higher if I am trying to do anything that requires me to bend down or lift anything (like laundry, cooking, dishes etc).

I am trying really hard to be optimistic, but it's tough. Really tough. I thought that this summer I'd be doing better and I feel just as bad as if I wasn't on a beta blocker at all. Where do I go from here? I mean I just can't keep doing this!! Basically everything I've wanted to do in my life, I've had to completely abandon because of how I feel. I can't even start a family because of these health problems.