Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chelating Again

Yesterday I started chelating again and I remember why I hate it so much. Terrible insomnia, Mild Fever and my heart rates sitting were as high as 130! This morning I took my BP sitting and it was 121/80 HR 122. Scared me a bit. I have no idea why this happens when I take DMSA, but it is just terrible. If this doesn't settle down, then I might have to stop again and try ALA or something.


imgeha said...


I also just resumed chelating after a few months' break. It has been difficult.... Stick to really low doses and do long rounds if you can. Stopping and starting on short rounds will make you feel worse. That you are having such a reaction points to the fact that mercury / metals is your core problem - I had all this confirmed to me too. Expect to feel rough while you get back into the chelating routine. I have just done a 10 day round and felt great by the end of it - off now and feeling lousy again. Let's hope 2011 will bring improvement for us both.

Take care

Cloudy said...

How did the chelation go? I had massive problems with my first DMSA round. Thinking of doing only ALA next.

Birdlady said...

I am hanging in there and still on round. I decided to give a longer round a try to see how I did and so far so good. The first few days I definitely felt a little odd with weird heart racing while sitting down. This is something I'm not used to experiencing. I think I'll be ending this round tomorrow or the next day as I've been feeling more emotional than usual. I've been very frustrated and am tending to get angry really easily for no good reason. I haven't had feelings like this for years. Or it could just be low cortisol as I hate upping my dose. Yes I am steroid guilt! Last night I started experiencing those scary low cortisol symptoms and had to take extra to pull me out of the zombified stated I was in.

I am taking both ALA and DMSA. I figure it's been long enough since my amalgams were removed, so why not?

I'm proud of myself and have been very good with taking supplements too! DMSA lowers my neutrophils and raises my liver enzymes so I'll probably be getting my blood checked in a few weeks to make sure everything is ok.

Cloudy said...

I have started a 6.25mg ALA round. I am hoping not to get the racing heart. I got that on DMSA. It makes me very anxious. Good on you for seeing it through.

Birdlady said...

I quit round last night right before bed. I decided it was long enough. I felt ok today and haven't had any strange symptoms coming off the pills. Hopefully this keeps up. Last time going off round was soo awful for me.