Sunday, May 29, 2011

No Longer Trying to Come Off HC

This was likely my last experiment. I guess I have adrenal insufficiency of unknown origin and I need to be done with it. Lowering my dose caused major high DHEA symptoms and my emotional well-being started to deteriorate. I finally just went back up to 15mg and am just done with it all. I really wish my doctor had done the appropriate testing to see if I really had a problem because now I cannot come off of it to test. Thanks doc! There is really only 1 thing I can test for while on HC and that is 17OH progesterone. You have to test it first thing in the morning, BEFORE taking your HC for the day. You want to see if this is elevated in the AM because if so, then that's pretty telling the pathway is getting backed up.

Once I went back on the 15mg of HC, not taking DHEA gave me major depression. It took about 3 days for it to appear (probably the amount of time it took for all of that extra DHEA to go down) and I felt like dying.

Now I'm back on 12.5mg DHEA and my normal 15mg of HC. Glad the latest experiment is over with.

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