Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Erythema Nodosum: The Journey Continues

Here's the latest pictures of my feet. Check out the swelling! The picture on the left is from 3-4 days ago. The one on the right is from this morning.I called the rheumy and they seemed mad at me because I wasn't taking the NSAID. /sigh so I took it last night and today just to prove to them that the swelling is far beyond just some swelling on the nodules. I actually have full leg edema. I have gained 6 pounds in the past few days from this!

I got all of the labs back and it is quite interesting! I am definitely a weird one and I actually find it hilarious. Labs don't add up to a connective tissue disorder at all. The one thing that I keep coming back to Rheumatic fever and the PCP and her assistant agreed. They are sending me off to a cardiologist tomorrow. She would have had me seen today but I couldn't get in. I guess they will be checking my heart to see if anything shows up. At this point, even if not, I think I want to try some antibiotics and see what happens. I'll be sure to load up on the probiotics of course. 

I also have no idea how the hell my CRP and Sed Rate is normal. I am soo inflamed it is not even funny.

ANA Positive 1:320 Speckled 
SED Rate 10 (0-20)
CRP 0.1 (0.0-0.7)
ASO 182 (0-168) HIGH This is the strep infection titers, so I definitely had strep in December.
RA <15.0 (0-30) Negative
DNA AB Double 1 (<4) Negative
SM Antibody <1.0 (<1.0) Negative
RNP Antibody <1.0 (<1.0) Negative

C3 Complement 122 (90-180) Normal
C4 Complement 33 (16-47) Normal
CH50 Complement  >60 (11-60) HIGH  This is low in SLE, Sjogren's etc, so I think I've ruled those out with this result. Can be high in rheumatic fever! Not many conditions make this one high.

Sjogren's Antibodies:
SS-A/Ro AB <1.00 (<1.0) Negative
SS-B/La AB <1.00 (<1.0) Negative
Histone antibodies 1.3 (1.0-1.5=Weak Positive)

Chlamydia Antibodies:
C Pneumon IGM, IGG, IGA  All Negative
C Trachomat IGM, IGG, IGA All Negative
C Psittaci IGM, IGG, IGA All Negative

Mycoplasma Antibodies:
Mycoplasma IGG <0.90 Negative
Mycoplasma IGM 176 (<770) Negative

EBV antibodies: These are always high for me because I had EBV when I was 16.
EBV Capsid IGG 3.76 Positive
EBV Nuclear  IGG 2.80 Positive
EBV Capsid IGM <0.91 Negative

Acute rheumatic fever can account for both the high ANA and the high CH50. Also I posted on Jan 22, that was getting terrible chest pains and PVC's. I told the PCP this and she said I just have so much going on, that I absolutely need to see the specialists. Wow I couldn't agree with her more. Wish me luck tomorrow at the cardiologists.


RFW said...

Hi! I left you a message about HC and hope to hear back from you. I think we have a few things in common.

Thanks! Best wishes.

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I would like to know what was cus of all that