Friday, February 3, 2012

Terrible Cardiologist

I have a new doctor of shame to put on my list. She actually outdid the doctor from MedExpress who told me I needed to get a job and that my heart acted up because I needed to do something with my life...LOL If you haven't read that whole story, then be sure to here.

So I went to this doctor as an emergency appointment scheduled by my PCP. I was supposed to have rheumatic fever ruled out and then that was that. Well everything but that happened and I was soo upset I just started crying in the car and also later on at a store. I have never ever cried like that in public. It was a full sobbing and the people there probably thought I was crazy.

This doctor, Dr. Sch****off was the biggest most condescending bitch I have ever seen.

This doctor is a fake nice. Very condescending. She treats you like an idiot and talks down to you as if you were a child. She will throw in little personal attacks in between questions. She doesn't like if you ask questions. She doesn't like if you know about your health problems and have input in your care. She wants you to be stupid, obedient, only listens and worships her. Those of you who have been reading my blog for years know that I refuse to worship doctors. They are normal human beings and don't deserve that sort of treatment.

She may very well find this post and I would say all of this to her face. I had to control myself as to not walk out during the appointment. It was one attack after another and all she cared about was my POTS. I tried to explain that wasn't why I was here and she did not care. It was like I was her new pet project. "Oh a new POTSY" for her to experiment on with medications. Screw that. I will never be seeing this doctor ever again.

During the appointment, she changed her mind about what was causing the leg edema. She also manhandled my legs after I told her to be gentle, which really pissed me off.

First the edema was POTS. Then after I told her it is not seen in POTS she said it was Addison's. After I explained away that, then she said it was the dose of steroids I am taking. I told her that I take the same amount of cortisol that her own body produces on a daily basis, so that is not possible. Then it was the NSAID, but I told her I had not been taking it until after the swelling started.

She tried to blame the leg edema on every single thing possible, but when I gave her information to prove otherwise, she would just move on to another scapegoat.

No EKG was run at all. She listened to my heart for a few seconds and that was it. "I don't hear any rub, so it is not rheumatic fever". If it were any other doctor, I might have believed them, but not from this lady.

I've wasted enough energy on this lady for a lifetime. I won't be getting the echo done there and will just use her for the blood work she ordered and never see her again.

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