Thursday, January 31, 2013

Position Yourself For A Miracle- John Mellor

Since I've been posting things I was not liking out of some ministries, I figured, I needed to post some of the things I do like. Not all ministries are being condemning to the sick.

I really like what John Mellor from Australia has to say about preparing yourself to receive a miracle. Watch this 2 part video.

Part 1
1) Jesus is the healer (Isaiah 53:4-5)
2) Unbelief- True faith is a decision to believe. You cannot reason out a miracle.
3) Confess Sin and Forgive others
4) God loves a Desperate Heart- You can't separate desperation from miracles in the Bible.
5) Willing to pay price for miracle-Giving up disability, benefits, compensations etc
6) Do you want to be healed? Wrong doctrines and attitudes about sickness and healing. Be persistent
7) Your words are important. Words of life. Nothing is too hard for God to heal.

Part 2
8) Don't allow disappointment to take you out. After several prayers this can set in. It can become a barrier. (This is a tough one!!!)
9) Forgiveness. Forgiveness is a choice.  Jesus took this on the cross for all.
10) Persistence. Just keep going! Even if you've been prayed for 100 times, today is a new day.

I really just love how encouraging John is to the sick. You really don't hear this encouragement from most ministries in the US.

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