Sunday, February 3, 2013

Needs Driven? God Isn't Offended

I saw this amazing testimony on John Mellor's facebook page. A woman planned a trip to receive her healing. She got on a plane to "see John Mellor" and she was instantly healed. Praise God!

Compare what John Mellor said in that status update to what was said in this video I discussed last week, here. It's polar opposites.
"...When we don't see breakthrough, we become so needs driven what we do is go from person to person to person to person to person to try and get our breakthrough and we forget relationship.... Because it can become our identity and instead of our relationship with God and receiving straight from our Father. Because we tried that and it didn't work, so we go to someone else and we want it to work. Then we see a video on TV and we see somebody that's praying for the sick and we schedule a trip to go and drive or fly just to see this guy and it becomes idolatry."
God wasn't offended this woman went to "see John Mellor" to pray for her. This woman doesn't seem very needy now at all. In fact she looks ecstatic and free. I'd imagine she is praising God over and over and over again. I'm SOO happy for her and I'm glad she had the means to find her way to John Mellor.

Thank you God for speaking to this woman through her daughter's healing. She came from 22+ hours (driving distance) away to come see a man of God to pray for her. Now she is set free! If for some reason she is forgetting relationship, I can't see any better way to get someone's attention than to heal them of an incurable, life threatening illness. :) Yay God!

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