Thursday, January 5, 2017

Don't Hop on the Charismatic Church Revelation Train!

For ministers in the Charismatic church to remain relevant in your life they have to convince you they have some new revelation and knowledge that you really need to know NOW! And they will convince you they are the only ONE who has discovered it. In the end, your focus will not be on Jesus Christ or the gospel, but instead the ministers feeding you the revelation. Yet people will defend it because they say these minister are helping them to know "Jesus", yet little to no Jesus is ever preached. Any time Jesus is preached it is only to say He was an example to show us how we too can walk in power on earth. Even when talking about Jesus, they are actually diminishing Him and instead boasting about what man can do.

We have to be careful we don't get lured into the many different facets of the Charismatic Industrial Complex with their revelations, books, movies, videos and music. This stuff does not please the Lord at all because the focus is always on MEN and not on God.
"Buy my latest book on how to see the sick healed and come to the new Dominion, Authority, Sonship, Revelation School of Power and Identity! We will teach you how to walk in the power and authority that Jesus walked in. Bringing heaven to earth is our God given birth right and mandate. Are you ready to change the landscape of the nations?" (Yes I made this up, but it is real buzzwords that are often used).
^Don't fall for the spiritual hype!

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