Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tired of Generalized Prophetic Warnings

Hey everyone I have decided to start sharing some of the short posts I make on my Facebook page here on my blog. Hopefully this is the first of many to come this year. God bless you all!

I've heard a lot of ministers talk about "an entertainment culture in the Church that the Lord wants to remove", but then these ministers who give the warning somehow exclude Hillsong, Bethel, IHOP and other popular churches from being included in that. If it isn't them, who could God possibly be talking about?

I've grown so tired of the generalized prophetic words and the generalized warnings. It's time to start using names of movements, churches and ministers in our warnings because otherwise it is pointless and no one thinks they are talking about anyone they may be following or have "liked".

It seems due to our sinful nature, we will exclude our favorite ministers and churches from examination as if they are outside of any sort of correction or error. When names are given in connection with the teachings that are in error, only then we will force people to have to start analyzing and facing head on the deceptions that have come into the Charismatic church.

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