Monday, April 27, 2009

Adrenal Crisis--What an experience!

Well I had a mini adrenal crisis today. /sigh Even stress dosing didn't make going to court any easier and I completely lost it just as the arbitration was about to begin.

I began to shake uncontrollably, hyperventilate and went from being hot to cold all in a matter of seconds. My husband said that my lips, hands and face were pale and turning blue and I was staring at the ceiling making bubbles with my lips! LOL He said I was not responding to him and that my pupils were dilated. He was about 15 seconds away from calling 911 when I finally heard him and said that I could hear him.

I have contacted the doctor and am shopping for a medic alert bracelet right now. If my husband hadn't been there, I think I would have died. I told him yesterday what to look for in adrenal crisis. I had him read over a few websites and he acted accordingly. Thank God!

Now I'm just trying to pick up the pieces. I feel like crap and don't know what I should do. I have contacted the doctor about what happened. I'm just glad that I am OK.

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