Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lots of changes

No longer seeing that lady doctor. We made the journey back out to see the other doctor and got back today. I am pretty pleased with my treatment and have realized that no one is ever going to fix my heart problem. NO ONE. I can't get too upset about it and will just have to learn to deal with it for the rest of my life.

The EP told me to try a small dose of a beta blocker, so that's the next step. If this doesn't work, then I really am out of options and am SOL.

The hormone doctor has ordered me a whole bunch of new labs to get done since I just stopped the armour. I hate armour. It did absolutely nothing but make me feel even worse. I had daily headaches and just felt so blah on it. I don't know what my doc will do but I think I want to try a small dose of cytomel to see what happens.

I also saw another hormone doctor I used to see a long time ago and he thinks I have a reverse T3 problem. He does the labs a little different than most people and uses T3 rather than FT3 to calculate the ratio. I don't know who the hell is right anymore because everyone has their own unique method to this stuff!

I had my sex hormones tested and while the numbers look good, some people might say that I am "estrogen dominant" because my ratio isn't high enough. My hormone doctor doesn't like to see estrogen any lower than 150 and mine was 198. He said my progesterone was excellent at 19.9. I dunno about these ratio things...

So now I just continue on the HC and DHEA and get these new labs done to see what my thyroid is doing on its own. I've never had my RT3 checked when not on armour, so it will be interesting to see nonetheless.

That's all for now.

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