Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Doc Is Fired

I really thought that I'd be able to get some help from the new doctor. But after the fiasco they put me through yesterday and with how poorly the phone consult went, I am just moving on once again. There's no reason to waste my time with a doc who won't do anything for 6 weeks in between phone calls. She's not changing ANYTHING. I mean what the heck?

Yesterday I was supposed to have my phone consult and they called me 45 minutes late telling me they were going to be late. Oh really, you think? You are already 45 minutes late. They said it would be another 45 minutes. Well another HOUR goes by and I actually had plans last night and could not sit around any longer, so I canceled on them. They didn't seem apologetic or anything.

Well I get a phone call today out of the blue and it's the doctor. She's extremely difficult to talk to on the phone. There were moments of complete silence and I wasn't sure if I was supposed to say something or not. /shrug Basically she is blaming everything that is wrong with me on Epstein-Barr Virus. Oh yes. I love these psychotic doctors who do this. You give them one thing they can blame EVERYTHING on and that's what they do. Even though my antibodies for a recent infection are NEGATIVE, she told me that that is my problem and to take supplements to "knock the virus out". Uh hello I got EBV when I was 17, I don't think there's any knocking this thing out of me. In fact it's not possible because it stays in your body forever. The fact that my present antibodies were below the lowest detectable titer tells me that's really good. I was actually pretty happy to see that, but that's not enough for this lady.

She said that the thyroid labs were weird because "Oh did you take your thyroid meds before the test". Yeah dummy I told you that in the office and you said that's WHAT YOUR OFFICE RECOMMENDS. I mean am I going insane here or what!? My GOODNESS.

So I just nodded and agreed with everything she said because you cannot have a discussion with her on the phone. She is not a phone person at all. Basically she left it as I change absolutely nothing, I know nothing about what my thyroid is doing now and that my TSH is too low. [Oh great you are one of those types of doctors? Are you kidding me?]. I told her that my TSH has never been reliable and that we cannot go by that since it's been NON-DETECTABLE when I was not on any medication.

To say that today's phone consult went bad is a serious understatement. I'll probably just call them in a few weeks and say that I wasn't too happy and that's that. Why spend money on a doctor that is so difficult to work with? The phone conversation was so awkward and rigid.

I didn't get these feelings from her in the office, so that just shows you the first visit with a doc means nothing. Great I get to stay on 1 grain of armour for another 6 weeks! It's already been 6 weeks at this dose and it's just unbelievable to me. This lady was recommended by a very well-known doc I won't even mention here. I hope that my husband has better luck.


Erika said...

I'm so sorry you are having such problems with your health. I've been trying to solve the mystery with my own health for quite a while. My doctor wanted me to take Armour thyroid due to my symptoms and lab tests, but my body could not handle it. I tried different doses for about 2 years, usually resulting in side effects like racing heart, heart palpitations, insomnia etc, even when according to my lab tests I was being under supplemented. Finally, she treated me for Wilson's Temperature Syndrome and now my body is much more stable on compounded T3 alone. It wasn't a cure all for me, but has allowed me to feel well enough to attempt frequent-dose chelation. I guess mercury can keep some people from converting T4 into T3. Just wanted to tell you this in case it sheds some light on your own issues. Good luck!

Birdlady said...

Thank you Erika.

Yes mercury toxicity is one of many reasons a person can have conversion problems. This results in high reverse T3 and low Free T3. A normal body converts small amounts of T4 into RT3, but in people like you and I, for some reason the body likes to covert WAY TOO much T4 into RT3, which then BLOCKS Free T3 from getting into the cells.

There are many other reasons for conversion problems, so you might want to check these out as well.

Low AND high cortisol. I would recommend having a 4 X day saliva test done to see what your adrenals are doing especially since you are chelating.

Low Vitamin D. I found out that I am actually below lab range!

Low Vitamin B12. You want to be on the upper limit of the lab range. If you are actively supplementing then you should be above lab range. That is okay.

Low Ferritin (iron). This is a very common problem in menstruating women. We lose a lot of ferritin with our monthly cycles especially if our periods are very heavy.

Starvation. Believe it or not, but crash dieting can cause a huge increase in RT3 production. This is your body's last attempt to protect itself.

Erika said...

Thank you for the list of possible T4 to T3 conversion blockers. I will definitely have those checked.