Saturday, December 12, 2009

I think I have a lot of food allergies

I really think this is part of my problem and why I'm just not feeling any better no matter what I do. I know that there is something still bothering me because that DAMN itchiness on my legs has NEVER gone away. I am soo sick of it and it gets so bad sometimes that I have to take zyrtec. There is no way around it.

Looking at my food allergy results there is one thing that I haven't cut out yet and that is Baker's Yeast. My cousin, Chelle told me that having an allergy to Baker's Yeast can be just as bad as an allergy to wheat, gluten, eggs or even dairy. So I decided to start doing my own research and she is absolutely correct!

60-85% of people with Crohn's Disease will test positive to Baker's Yeast antibodies. The medical term for antibodies to Baker's Yeast is anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae mannan antibodies. It is thought that your body starts to confuse your body's natural yeast for this Saccharomyces cerevisiae mannan and that's why you get Crohn's Diease...In addition to this scary find, one of the companies (Enterolab) that does genetic testing for Celiac also says that if you test positive for Baker's Yeast that there is high likelihood you have Crohn's Disease....Great so that's two reputable labs/medical studies that are saying the same thing. Obviously I need to stop eating Baker's Yeast. Now the interesting thing on my test is that I am NOT allergic to Brewer's Yeast. That makes things a lot easier as Brewer's Yeast and Baker's Yeast are used in a ton of foods.

Here's a list that includes BOTH brewers and baker's yeast foods.

Even though I'm already gluten free, I was still making GF bread for us that has yeast in it, so I need to cut that out for sure. I'll have to do some more research to see if I need to cut out all those foods on that list above. Even though I tested okay for Brewer's Yeast should I still cut it out too? I have no idea right now. I am still trying to sift through all this information.

Credit goes to this lovely little blog for a lot of the information in my post.

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