Thursday, March 4, 2010

MRI didn't go so well

I had the MRI today ordered by the ophthalmologist to rule out any sort of problems with the eyes or brain.

For part of the MRI I had to keep my eyes closed. This was OK for about 10 minutes, but then I started to get really disoriented and it felt like my body was floating on water. I tried to calm myself down, but I was well beyond that and felt the adrenal symptoms coming on. My eyelids started fluttering, I started to feel very faint and I just felt that last rush as my body tried to pull me through the stress of it. I realized at that moment, that if I didn't squeeze the ball and alert the techs, that I'd be unconscious in about a minute.

I squeezed the ball, but could barely talk. They ran in and I told them in broken speech that I needed my hydrocortisone for adrenal insufficiency. The lady asked me if I had them in my purse and I told her yes. She ran out and got my purse. They sat me up and I was very very faint. It felt like my blood pressure was scary low and the whole room was sooo bright. They walked me out of the MRI room into the tech area and they were asking me questions, but I could barely understand them nor get the words out. I ended up taking 15mg of HC and waited 3-4 minutes before I could feel my body come back to life. My hands were trembling as I drink water.

I went back in and finished the MRI. Phew...The whole time I was just like..please do not freak out again. I need to get this done. Please...please.

All of this happened before the contrast so it had nothing to do with that. Thankfully. I'm doing okay now, but could not believe how much that affected me!

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