Monday, July 26, 2010

Labs Drawn

I had to make an appointment with the nearby hospital to get my labs done. First they had to order in the perchloric acid needed for the one test (pyruvic acid). This is a reagent that Labcorp doesn't even carry since there is a risk of explosion if it's not handled properly. haha This reagent must be chilled before applied to my blood, so it had to be refrigerated at least 2 hours before I came in. Hopefully everything was done right. It's the same hospital that did my NutrEval test and that worked out well. Thankfully my veins cooperated really well. Man I could not believe it! That lady hit my vein and the blood just came pouring out hahaha I filled up all the vials in no time and without a tourniquet (except for the initial puncture).

My sleep schedule has been off lately. I think it's because I feel so awful during the day, so I tend to want to stay up later and later since it's usually cooler at night thus I feel better...

Now I can start taking supplements again to see what happens. Why do I have this feeling that I'm going to feel like hell this week? lol

I'll be sure to post my results of the tests when I get them. I have no idea how long that might be...Most of the labs are done at the hospital from what I was understanding, so it shouldn't be too long.

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