Monday, July 12, 2010

Still Not Doing Well

I was really hoping to see some improvement, but I am really bad...again. I felt decent for like 3 days as far as mood goes. But my heart has just been terrible.

I made myself go to the park today to take a short walk. My heart rate was like 150 as we were walking around, but I just made myself continue on. Suddenly it felt like someone was pushing on my throat and I told my husband I needed to sit down like NOW. We made our way to a picnic table and my HR would not go down even while sitting. I laid down on the table and immediately my heart rate went down to 70. /sigh

I felt completely out of my mind like I was watching myself watch myself.

Cleveland Clinic can kiss my ass. The autonomic department is incompetent and tomorrow they will be getting a very mean call from me. I have had enough of waiting around like a chicken with my head cut off. I want some freakin' answers as to where my report is at. They never bothered to call me back last week and now the bitch has to come out to get anything done. I'm going to tell the woman that I want a DATE that my report will be in my hands. Every single day after that report isn't in my hands, I will be calling them. Every single day until it IS in my hand.

My eye floaters/bright things are all back, so this has to be related to me feeling terrible.

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