Monday, July 19, 2010

Still Nothing From Cleveland Clinic

This really is just unbelievable to me.

I called on Thursday and got the secretary. I thought, "oh good" just the person that I've been playing phone tag with. Well sort of. To play tag you need the other person to try calling YOU back, which wasn't happening. I told her that I was trying to be as patient as one can be, but I've been waiting and calling for the past 6 weeks asking WHEN I'd get my report. 5 weeks ago I was told it would be finalized the next day and then sent out probably over the weekend. Now I call and I'm told the same thing each and every week. I want an answer NOW as to when my report will be in my hands...

She looks me up in the system. " guess there must have been some kind of oversight. I don't know why your report wasn't finalized". I told her that I've been told that same thing for the past 4 weeks and nothing has been done about it. "I will have the nurse call you when it is finalized". Okay so when should I expect the report to be in my hands, so that I know when to call and complain again. "I don't know" Well here it is Monday and no report, no phone call. NOTHING. What in the HELL does one have to do to get a damn report from Cleveland Clinic. This is not acceptable.

I hate to burn bridges, but I don't think I ever want to go back there. Just awful.

So...tomorrow I am calling again. I hope I get the secretary, so I can tell her that whatever it is they are doing to get the report finalized ISN'T working. I want my chart put ON TOP of the pile and it stay there until the doctor signs off on it. Period. If this doesn't work, then I'll have to call the cleveland clinic ombudsman to step in for me.

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