Friday, June 17, 2011

Heavy Metal Chelation Round 5: DMPS Ends

I went a little longer this time, (~6.5 days) but as soon as I noticed a hive, I stopped. I immediately started my "here comes the hives" supplement/medicine regime. I took a benedryl, zyrtec, 3 grams of Vitamin C and 2 grams of Quercetin before bed. I woke up and I was good. No hives and so far I haven't had any more develop. Last night I took more zyrtec, vitamin C, quercetin and half a benedryl. So far so good. I think I have a few mosquito bites though and it is hard to tell the difference between them and hives. haha

The good:
I think I am already seeing improvements on the DMPS. I hate even say this or type this because I don't think I've said these words on my blog, ever?
  • My heat intolerance seems a tad better. 5% better
  • My heart seems less aggravated at times. 3% better
  • My vision is getting clearer again. 
The bad:
  • Obviously the hives are bad. Hopefully they stay away.
  • I think the DMPS is reacting with a metal post in one of my teeth.
I just keep chugging along here and see what happens. I am off to the dentist to see what they can do about this metal post in my tooth I forgot about it. Of course they are supposed to be "inert", but I'm not so sure about that...

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