Thursday, June 23, 2011

Making Progress with DMPS

I am convinced now that DMPS is what people need to use to feel better. I have talked about it before, but the few people who were "following" Dr. Cutler's FDC who got significantly better ALL used DMPS at some point or another.

Only a few members of FDC even use DMPS because so many of them are fearful of the drug even though Dr. Cutler says it is safe and recommended here, here and here. They refuse to find a doctor to prescribe it, which makes me believe you can't really be that sick! They are afraid it is not FDA approved, which is once again just another excuse to stay sick. (Alert: Amalgams were FDA approved!) Those who use DMPS have less side effects and symptoms and actually seem to legitimately feel better much faster.

Others using DMPS not strictly following FDC who got better as well:
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DMPS is the common link in all of these stories. Some of them have done other things alongside it too. However these people should not be considered "lucky" or less toxic. When you start looking at stories of those who got truly better, they all used DMPS in some form or another (oral or IV) at some point in time during their journey.

I'm not really following FDC and taking DMPS every 8 hours. I take it when I get up in the AM, mid-day and then at bedtime, so I don't have to interrupt my sleep at all. With an odd circadian rhythm, even at every 8 hours sometimes the doses would fall while I was sleeping. I had enough of that and just decided to take it at bedtime regardless of what time it was. Sometimes it was at 10 or 11 hours out from my previous dose. I don't think it really matters at all and you could probably take it on any schedule and still see some improvements (my opinion only not based on any scientific evidence).

If you are following Dr. Cutler's protocol and have completed double digit rounds of DMSA or ALA and not feeling or seeing improvements, then consider finding a doctor who will prescribe DMPS. It may be the difference of getting your life back. Isn't that the most important?!

The doctor who prescribed me DMPS NEVER PRESCRIBED IT BEFORE TO ANYONE. I am his FIRST patient and my husband is his SECOND, so please do not try to use "well I don't know if my doctor would do that" as an excuse to keep staying sick. If you really want to use DMPS, then you will find a doctor or beg a doctor who is open-minded enough to use it. I actually had to fax my doctor some information that talked about using oral DMPS and after reading it all he had no issues with me trying it out.

In 5 rounds of DMPS I am feeling the best I've felt in 11 years. I am not over exaggerating or making this up at all. Some people may say that it is placebo, but how could a POTS patient make their heart rates not climb as high while standing? ... How could I have less heat intolerance? ...

Is it all good? NO! The hives are still problematic as evident from my last post and I am concerned about it and SJS. The latest set of hives were focused more around my joints (knees, elbows, wrists and ankles) and thankfully I did not have any hives on my neck at all. This made me very happy because I knew I was not going to have any issues with my throat swelling up.

Outside of the hives I have zero symptoms on and off round. Not many can say that about ALA or DMSA and I really don't understand why someone would continue to take something that is terrible at chelating metals... Dr. Buttar says that it is dangerous to use DMSA. Dr. Cutler's followers had a discussion about this in 2009 and rather than scientifically disproving it is dangerous, they just called the doctor an idiot, he doesn't know what he's talking about and he is promoting his own chelation protocol. Um..And how is Dr. Cutler any different? Dr. Cutler sells consultations too...

And to put it into further perspective at least 2 people in this thread are still sick on FDC. I guess your own irrational fear and advice is not working out for you. Stop drinking the Cutler kool aid!

Many people have become fearful of DMPS due to the fearmongering website, DMPSbackfire. For years I thought it was the devil and was harmful because "Dr. Cutler says so". However since DMSA did not do anything for me at all and may even be dangerous itself, I started to question all of that. Now that I'm taking DMPS and feeling better I realize how stupid it was to have an irrational fear of it. The stories on that website really should just be called "when stupid doctors strike" because they were doing terribly stupid things with DMPS like chelating people WITH amalgams STILL in their mouths! How could any doctor even think that would be a good idea?

If DMPS IV's are too scary for you, then you can use it orally too just like DMSA. That's what I am doing for the time being.

I gave my doctor a PDF from this website. I have no idea what this doctor recommends with chelation, but I found the clinical trial of interest and that is what I showed my doctor.

If you are following FDC, let me know what you think about this theory that DMPS is the key!

Disclaimer: As always these are my opinions on things. I am not a doctor and are simply telling you of my experiences and relaying data/materials I have found online over the years. Everyone with a chronic illness should be following up with a doctor and if you are not, then start today.

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chris said...

This is exactly what I need to get better. Where did you find a doctor to prescribe this for you? I live in Ohio (about an hour from the Cleveland Clinic) and haven't been able to find any doctors around here that will even admit that mercury is a problem. If you could email me where you found your doctor I would forever be in your debt. My email is Thanks in advance!