Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hope: Keeping up with my Nephew!

For the last 2 days my sister needed me to watch her son for a few hours. I used to cringe when she'd ask me because I was always concerned if I could get through the day. My nephew is really behaved quite well for a 5 year old and he is very laid back and easygoing. Any time I watched him and did not feel good he was very understanding. I know adults who are less understanding than my nephew! HA!

It has been very warm lately and of course I was concerned about my heat intolerance. Can I even stand up outside let alone play with him? Yikes. On bad days just walking to the car would make me feel as if I were going to die.

Well it turned out that I not only could stand up outside, but we were playing tag! We sprinted, yes SPRINTED around the yard playing tag for about 30 minutes or so. I'm happy to report he got tired before me and wanted to go in for a drink of water. :) You can not even believe how excited and happy I am about all of this. It was 83 degrees with very high humidity outside so something is going on with me. Am I cured? Nope, but there is a big enough difference that I have noticed. I have a long ways to go, but this is giving me so much hope and optimism. It is actually a little scary! I was afraid to hit POST on this one. Will I jinx it?!

Last night (after watching my nephew for two days and going on walks at the park afterward, cleaning, making dinner, any other normal duties that need done in my house etc) I did have a headache, but it was gone when I woke up this morning. YAY! I have no post exertional malaise today, although that has never been a big issue for me in the past. It is not quite as warm today, but the humidity is very high. That's usually all I need to feel sick and I am doing well.

Like I said, I am NOT cured by any means, but this is very interesting. I just hope I keep getting better and it doesn't stop here.


Aine said...

Glad to hear that something is turning around for you.

Those moments of relief are so amazing--I hope they keep coming :)

imgeha said...

Hey Dana

really pleased to hear about your progress - yay!! You have also given me food for thought with the DMPS thing, and I would really love to give it a go. I just can't face finding another doctor, explaining the whole mercury thing to him, and convincing him to prescribe me DMPS. I have been all over the web this morning, and it is impossible to buy without a script :-( I guess I'll just have to go with the ALA - can't use DMSA any more. So are you saying that your POTS is way better?

take care

Birdlady said...

I still have a LONG way to go, so I don't want to give the wrong impression. However something is better for sure. I also started taking Dr. Ohhira's probiotics, so it could be a combination of that and DMPS. Do whatever you have to, to get a doc to at least give you a trial. I don't think ALA can chelate well without another chelator.

At some point I'll probably add ALA with my DMPS and see what happens. Right now though I want to get more mercury out of me before I do that. I really get concerned with ALA putting mercury into places. In a study it was shown to put mercury into areas where there was no mercury in the beginning. Now 'they' say it's because it wasn't dosed properly, but there's no data to back that up. It is theory.

Yeah DMSA was really bad for me too. Blah! I'd rather take EDTA to get the lead out to be honest. I know this is against Cutler protocol, but I just want to get better!

LLBelle said...

My friends wife was healed of POTS and Lupus a little over a week ago by a faith healer. Here is her husband's blog that talks about it. I've known her husband for almost 20 yrs. I know that he is not making this up.

By the way, the Hum-ana-tea (generic version of essiac tea) has really been helping me. I have a ton more energy. I've been going on walks every day this week. I started the SCD probiotic yogurt a week ago and have been low oxalate for a few weeks. They could be a contributing factors but I think it is the tea. Try googling essiac tea tesimonials.

LLBelle said...

Opps, here is the link to the blog .

Birdlady said...

Hmm interesting!! I read the website, but there haven't really been any reports since the visit. I'm quite curious about it all. Thanks for posting it and I will keep tabs on what's going on with his wife. She is lovely! :)