Friday, July 27, 2012

A Storm With a Meaning

There was a crazy storm yesterday in this area earlier in the day. Even though the lightning was so bright and close (I saw a telephone get struck) we got through it without losing power or anything. Then randomly at around 7:30PM, there was a very sudden "out of no where" lightning strike somewhere fairly close because the thunder that came afterward was only a second or 2 later. As the lightning struck, we realized our internet went out... Uh oh. It is not a good sign when that happens. I called up our local ISP and they said there were no reported outages in this area. Uh oh. Again not a good sign. We called later hoping, they just did not get any reports in and once again, no reported outages, but they saw a TON of people in this area were offline.  Hmmm that actually gave me hope.

So we scheduled an appointment for a tech to come out today from 2PM onward. It was an on call tech, so they said he operates on 8 hour windows. Most people would be ticked off by this, but I certainly didn't care. It's not like I have a busy life and I'm never home. haha!

The only thing I knew we had to do was clean the house... Yikes. Our office was a disaster. It looked like someone had taken a bomb, set it off and then let 4 cats live in what remained there... lol So last night we were frantically getting our house cleaned up for this tech to come up into our office to check the modem. We knew the modem wasn't the problem, but these techs have a certain way to troubleshoot things, so you can't talk them out of it.

Since our sleep schedule is a little bit messed up right now, we were up until 5AM and still no internet...Uh oh! We had both feared maybe something was wrong with our line. Well I got up today and it is working. We did not do anything, so obviously at some point this morning more calls came in and they found the outage. Phew... We must have been the only ones to call because they said they had no other reports in this area. How strange... The internet was down from 7:30PM- at least 5AM.

But by having this much downtime from the internet, it got us thinking we really can get this house ready to sell. We started doing this 3 years ago and then my husband got sick--so sick he was bed-ridden for a year. At some point I thought I was going to have to put the house up for sale myself. I had no idea how I'd have the strength to do it, but it crossed my mind a few times.

Well now we both agree again, it is time, but it is for far different reasons. We are getting our house ready to move on with life...See what new adventures are in store for us. My biggest worry are the cats. I cannot leave them behind nor give them away, so if anyone knows someone who is sympathetic to renters with fur kids, let me know... I am a good furkid mom and clean litter boxes daily. No one pees or poops on the floor.

We would like to move east like the Gettysburg area just for a different feel and atmosphere. I have lived in western PA my entire life. I crave something different.

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