Saturday, July 7, 2012

Heat Intolerance: It's Too Darn Hot!

I made a video talking about some of my struggles with it.

Admittedly I was doing a lot better in this video I made 8 days ago. Things got bad really quickly for me.

It's been so bad, I haven't even wanted to write or talk about it because my brain hasn't been working. Writing that post about GEDmatch took me 30 hours when something like that normally would take me an hour or two at most.... I am definitely in chronic heat exhaustion. It's where my body begins to shutdown. No amount of water or salt really helps me when I get like this because it is not due to fluid or salt loss, but rather the increase in my core body temperature. My temperature has been in the 99.2+ and it's very tough getting it and keeping it down. Even after lying in freezing cold baths, it does not help very much. Going swimming would be great, but being in the sun would probably make things worse in the end. Swimming in indoor pools has never been good for me because of how humid the air gets in those places. I can't even breathe.

My house does not have central air conditioning, so I depend on a tiny window unit downstairs to cool the house, but it does not work well at all. Even after it's been on for a while, the temp downstairs is 84, which is really not all that cool at all. The temperature upstairs where our office and bedroom are at, reaches well into the mid 90's. On these 100 degree days, we probably nearly hit 100 upstairs and no amount of fans really take the edge off.

I have a pet peeve I'd like to share with all of you... There's a group of people in the world who claim to like the heat, but then they live in AC, work in AC and drive around in AC. How can you possibly say you love the heat, when you never do anything in it? Huh?

Without an air conditioned house, I suffer so much here. I thought last night I was going to have to go to the ER a few times. I've been lethargic, sleeping a lot, nauseous. My head has been hurting really bad and anytime I bent down or coughed, I got this sharp pain on the left side of my head, from the base of my skull to the area just above my left ear. I could reproduce it while changing positions.

I do not have the luxury of slipping off into a freezing cold house, so I have to use other methods to keep my body temp down. Unfortunately I have never been very successful at doing this. My body does not cool itself properly even though I'm sweating buckets, drinking cold water by the gallons and dunking myself in freezing cold baths.

My God I hope I make it through this summer. It's already proving to be quite unpleasant. :( My flowers outside are not doing well because I haven't' been well enough to take care of them.

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