Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Diflucan: Will It Stop This?

I woke up and immediately called my doctor and the message on his machine scared the hell out of me.  It said he was going to be out of the office for a whole week.  I nearly vomited when I heard this, but decided to leave a message any way.   Thankfully I got a call from one of the receptionists/secretaries and she said she would contact the doctor and get back to me.  I told her she was a lifesaver and was extremely thankful for this because the hives are getting to the point where I might have to see an urgent care soon for high dose predisone. 

Hives on neck-Monday night
I got a call back a few hours later and my doctor agreed to have me try Diflucan.  Since the hives are not responding to zyrtec, he thought it was a very good idea.  I told her (the secretary) that this is my last attempt before I give in and go on prednisone.  The hives are really getting that bad.   This picture above is quite tame compared to the hives on my torso and lower abdomen, which you can see below.   

So itchy!
As soon as I got word it was available at the pharmacy, we ran over there.  I got the prescription and took my first one in the car. haha  Now I wait and see what happens. I don't expect miracles because I may have already reached the point of no return.   I don't want to go on high dose prednisone.  I'm going to be out of my mind if I have to though and that scares me.  I might need to buy a cage for my husband to lock me in...lol J/K!!!  I really do not do well at all on large steroid doses...

Fingers crossed this works.  I am not starting my round today obviously.  I was due to start back up again, but I need to get these hives under control first.


imgeha said...


you may be allergic to mercury. I think I am too, and it makes chelating very difficult. Three rounds of DMPS may have stirred up enough mercury to trigger an allergic response. Maybe you need to lower the dose so you don't move so much mercury around?



imgeha said...

Hi again

have been doing some reading around, and if you have a mercury allergy, then NAET is the way to go. you can find a practitioner on www.naet.com. There is one near me, and I am definitely going to pursue this. Sigh. Why is it so difficult to get well?!


Birdlady said...

Before bed last night, I decided to take a benedryl and that really calmed the hives down. I am finally stable again. I still have some hives, but it is no where near as bad. Phew...I took another Diflucan today and will keep taking it every day until the hives are gone completely. Then I'll go to every other day dosing.

I'm not sure why this happens to me, but it is looking more and more I'm just allergic to the metals coming out. I agree with you Nicola.

I just have to keep going. I've looked into the NAET and I just don't know what to think about it all to be honest.