Sunday, April 17, 2011

Round 4: DMPS Begins

The hives are gone and I decided to start up on the DMPS again. This will be another 3 day round and then after this, I may take a slight break. I will be out of pills and will need to get the money together to order more.

I have had no improvements with the POTS, but my vision is definitely more clear. It is actually freaking me out a bit. In all of my years of life, my vision has never gotten better. Every 6 months I usually have to go back to the eye doctor and get a stronger prescription. About 2 months ago I started to notice my vision was losing its crispness and figured it was only a matter time until I would be heading in again.

Then one day out of no where I realized how amazing the trees and stones looked. I figured I was just going crazy or imaging things, but now it's been a few weeks and it has stayed. The glasses I use around the house are an old prescription. Before I could NOT drive with these on as road signs are blurry and I would not trust myself at all. Yesterday I tagged along to the post office was commenting over and over again how well I was seeing out of the glasses.

We will see if this continues. If my prescription has gone down, I will be speechless--as would my eye doctor.

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