Thursday, April 21, 2011

Round 4: DMPS Complete

Yesterday I finished up round 4 of DMPS and I feel good. No hives! haha Once I get some more money, I'll get another month's worth filled and just keep going.

My vision is definitely different right now. I think one of my contacts may now be too strong for me. It is odd as I am not seeing the same out of both eyes and at times I think it may be giving me a slight dull headache. I've been wearing my glasses more because I don't tend to notice it as much. My left eye is -5.25 and my right eye is -5.75. I'm thinking the left eye may be too strong and I'll have to dig around to see if I have an old contact somewhere that is -5.00. If I had extra money lying around, I'd go to the eye doctor. I am actually due for a new exam (just got the reminder card in the mail!), but since I don't have the extra money I will just keep wearing these contacts for now.

On my off days I make sure to replenish my nutrients and minerals. The one multi-vitamin that was not giving me heart palpitations has gluten in it. AHH! I cannot win, so I am trying to take individual minerals. Taking all of these pills can get quite annoying at times.

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