Tuesday, June 8, 2010

NutrEval Finally DONE!

I've had this kit for so many months, but finally got around to getting the NutrEval test done. The test is soo convoluted and it requires a lab or hospital to take 4 vials of blood, spin them down and then transfer cells and plasma into separate tubes. No one wanted to do it for me. Labcorp and Quest diagnostics were worthless. There was 1 lady who said she'd do it for me at Quest, but she couldn't guarantee if she wasn't working that the lady who was would. Well that does me NO good because I have to take urine the morning of too.

I found a local hospital (about 45 minutes away) would do it for me for a mere $7 charge. So we traveled up north and got it done. It was still a disaster...The lady seemed confused and I just told her to follow the directions and I'll take the blood and vials with me. We got everything and I called Fed-Ex to come pick it up. I'm just waiting for them now.

This test is very comprehensive. So much so that I will have to do a lot of research in order to interpret the results! Here's a sample report in PDF I'll expect to get from them. I am mostly interested in the nutrient, element and catecholamine information.

Tomorrow I may call Cleveland Clinic to see if they have the results of the catecholamines yet.

Edit: FedEx just came and it's gone!

Here are my results to the NutrEval test.
If you would like more in-depth information on what my results showed, then read this post.


Desiree said...

Hello Dana, I would love to chat with you regarding your symptoms and journey to find a diagnosis. I came across your blog in my search for treatment for my conditions (all caused by a vaccine). I would love to talk with you. I am also 26 and just recently started having these symptoms last year.

Birdlady said...

I have a contact me link all the way down on the bottom of the blog. You can send me a message that way so we can talk back and forth. I'll check it tomorrow!

You also made me think about something. Is there any way that I had a vaccine around this time? You know it is possible that I did too, but it's not something I would have thought about. I might have to go digging into my really old medical records and see what I can find! I'll have to contact my pediatrician tomorrow!

I am sorry you are having trouble. It sucks that we have to go through this crap at such a young age!!!!!!

Birdlady said...

Well I contacted my pediatrician and all of those records are gone... :-/