Saturday, June 26, 2010

Too Much Norepinephrine!

I got another call from Cleveland Clinic today. It was the nurse and she said she wanted to get clarification of my catecholamine results since she was not sure how to read them to me.

Supine norepinephrine was 125. She said this was within normal range.
Standing norepinephrine (10 minutes into tilt-test) was 613. That was out of range.

That's like an increase by 5X's. The nurse said that is way way too high. Normal is doubling, so around 250. The doctor says that is likely why my heart rates are soo incredibly high when I am standing, yet what doesn't make sense is why does my BP not go up? Norepinephrine increases blood pressure.

I asked her about the epinephrine and she said the doctor had nothing to say about it. So I have to keep waiting for the report in the mail until I can actually SEE the results. Who knows how long that will be...3 weeks and counting...

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