Saturday, June 12, 2010

Things I Do To Stay Cool

It's pretty hot here in western PA today. Right now it says it's 81 with 66% humidity. The humidity has finally kicked in this year, which makes getting around pretty darn frustrating. Since I have medical conditions that are worsened by the heat, I've learned ways to cope and keep cool.

1) Water, water
I always try to have some sort of drink on hand. The problem with just drinking water with POTS or adrenal insufficiency, is that you'll actually mess up your electrolytes even more. With my water, I also take Thermotabs which is a sodium chloride tablet. This helps me to get fluids without bringing my sodium levels down too low.

2) Wear as little clothing as possible
I know this sounds like dumb tip, but it does help to strip down to bare minimums. During the summer, I'm usually wearing my bikini top and shorts.

3) Wet towels
If you are really really hot and can't seem to cool down, then placing a cold wet towel/rag on the back of your neck really works wonders. You'll have to get new cold water often though!

4) Cooling Vests
I do not own one of these, but I've heard they are absolutely amazing. There are several websites that sell vests which are meant to hold ice packs. The ice packs last a few hours and can be refrozen over and over again. Some people on say they make the summer much more enjoyable for them as they can do things they wouldn't normally be able to do.

5) Invest in a fan/air conditioner
We do not have whole house air conditioning, which is probably a little unbelievable for some of you. Our house is old and does not have the duct work available, so we are forced to use the window units. It's nice to keep at least 1 room in the house as the "sanctuary room" that I can run to when I am getting really overheated. If humidity isn't a problem where you live, then a fan or swampcooler may work really well for you too.

6) Dip in a pool or lake
If you own a pool or have a neighbor with a pool, this is always a really good option. Getting into a cool, swimming pool can feel absolutely amazing when it's hot outside. If you aren't lucky enough to have a pool nearby, then the local lake will work too! I'm not much of a "beach" person, but this year I think I might try out the swimming area at a lake near my house. It's better than suffering in the heat.

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