Monday, February 21, 2011

Chelation Round 16?

I lost track of what chelation round I am on right now. haha Anyway this time around I decided to do something a little bit different. First I wanted to control the hives/rashes better because they really bother me. Taking benedryl makes me feel groggy for hours, which is not an option. What's the point in taking something which then gives me such incredible fatigue I can't do a damn thing? The last time I took 1 Benedryl I could not move my legs. That is how incredibly tired it made me feel.

My husband found out that the itchiness could be an issue with sulfur. I had come across this before in the past, but the only solution people had was to avoid sulfury foods. Well I cannot avoid the sulfur in the chelation drugs, so that wasn't of much use for me. I began taking Pantethine and L-Histidine along with some Molybdenum to see what would happen.

I was a little scared because Histidine was high normal in my NutrEval test, so I did not know if this would be good. Histidine is converted to Histamine and I was worried. haha Anyway, to my surprise I did not have rashes nor hives this time around. I continued to take the Quercetin along with the others.

There is some evidence that supplementing with Histidine can increase zinc excretion, so I started taking more of that to be on the safe side. I have to take my zinc with a big meal or I will vomit it all right back up. Yuck! I am very pleased with this round of chelation. I felt a little run down yesterday but overall, I felt pretty much my normal self with POTS. My plan is to continue using DMSA until I get the DMPS from my local doctor.

My appointment is March 4, so that's not too far away!

This round I also took 50mg of DMSA every 2 hours during the day. Then at night I increased it to every 4 hours because I needed to get some more rest. Every 3 hours at night was killing me and I would wake up every hour thinking I missed the pill. It was a nightmare.

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