Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Interesting Website

My husband found this website and I wanted to pass it along to my readers. Be sure to do your own research and discuss any risks with your doctor before beginning any chelation protocol. I'm not a doctor!

The website is called The website supplies the patient with a 30 day supply of DMPS. The only difference is that you must prove that you have elevated mercury levels in your body with laboratory testing. offers a test you can buy through them if you do not have a test, but they will also accept a test you already had done previously. I think that's pretty awesome! Since DMPS is prescription, this is necessary for the company to cover their butt.

The website says....
Step 2: Physician Review of Your Mercury Test Results
If the urine test by the independent laboratory indicates that your mercury level is elevated, it is very likely our physicians will recommend that you begin to remove this toxic substance using the MercOut Detoxification Program.
I definitely have laboratory results that show I have elevated mercury levels in my body, so I have no issues with "proving" it.

 I'm starting to think that I need DMPS to get the mercury out rather than DMSA. Studies show that DMSA pulls only 1/5 or 1/10 the amount of mercury than DMPS. This challenge test was complete with a small dose (~65mg) of DMPS injected in my arm very slowly. I really doubt DMSA is grabbing anywhere near 30mcg of mercury every 4 hours. I'd love to prove that, but I just don't have the $$ to throw around to experiment.

It got warm today and I'm already getting symptomatic. This spring/summer is going to be rough unless I get this metal out of me. I'm not about to chelated for 8 years to have minimal improvements.

Speaking of which, I am chelating right now. I'm taking 50mg of DMSA every 2 hours. The Cutler folks will think I'm crazy for even considering such a high dose, but in his own book he says you need high doses to get this crap out. 5mg every 4 hours isn't going to do anything to get mercury out of your body. It's like throwing a little cup of water on a large fire. You need a bucket of water to even begin to put the fire out. Have fun with your cups of water...


Cloudy said...

You hair chart looks quite toxic. I have a Geneva hair test. My mercury is in the red but not as much as yours. How do you think you became toxic with Gadolinium?
How is the 50mg of DMSA going?

Birdlady said...

That is not a hair test. This was a challenge test with DMPS I did many years ago. The gadolinium is from a pituitary MRI with gadolinium contract I had done about 6 months prior. Pretty scary that stuff was/is still in me. I got more of that crap injected into me when I had an MRI of the eyes done last year.

I never had a Doctor's Doctor hair test done, but another companies and it didn't show all that much. It did however show some lead which is how we figured out there was lead in our house somewhere. Sure enough...We had been bathing in a lead bathtub for years. lol

Birdlady said...

Oh forgot to say... The 50mg of DMSA is going better. Not quite understanding that, but I will continue to see how I do on this dose. I felt pretty good up until about an hour ago. I'm getting some dizziness and vertigo at the moment.

xxx said...

Just happened upon your blog. I have been struggling with my health for about 12 yrs off and on. This past year has not been good and has lead me to wonder about mercury. I was just wondering if you had your amalgams removed slowly or all at one time. As you know there is no clear information and few people seem to improve much that I can tell. I am most concerned with getting sicker by having mercury removal done too quickly or too slowly. Haha! Just curious what you did.

Birdlady said...

Hi xxx!

Looking back through my own post history (because I have hard time remembering specific events like that), it appears I began getting them out early August '08. It looks like I didn't blog about the first few removed so I cannot be 100% sure about that unless I looked at my bank statements lol.

The last amalgams came out on Sept. 9 '08. I had 8 amalgams total but had to get like 8 other cavities filled so those took some time. I guess I got them all out in about a month's time.

I know that my dentist only did 1 quadrant at a time. He said doing more than that is usually not good for the patient and it requires multiple injections of novacaine which can cause issues for some people. I made sure I got the novacaine without any epinephrine in it.

The dentist I went to did not specifically follow Dr. Hal Huggins, but he knew not to drill the amalgam out. Once they were loosen, he would physically lift them up with tweezers and place it into the suction tool. I also got oxygen and he always used a rubber dam. I'm sure I got mercury exposure when I got them out. I think it is inevitable.

It's important to find a dentist who knows that mercury is toxic. If you try to go to a dentist who thinks mercury is safe, they won't be as cautious since they are likely thinking the entire time you are a kook and crazy for wanting to get the amalgams removed. The dentist who put a lot of these amalgams in my mouth looked like a zombie the last time I saw him. I commented to my husband he probably has mercury poisoning...

Cloudy said...

Do you think some of your symptoms, like hairloss might be from the gadolinium contrast?

Cloudy said...

Mayber your rashes during chelation are from gadolinium contrast chelating out of you?

Birdlady said...

The hair loss (alopecia areata) was definitely from taking iodine. This is not diffuse hair loss, but rather an autoimmune response. I'm not sure exactly what the iodine did but it triggered something in my body. I no longer take iodine or even recommend it. Do at your own risk lol You might lose your hair for a year! haha

I have no way of knowing what is causing the rashes. It is a known side effect of DMSA though, so it may just be from the drug itself. Taking the little cocktail of supplements I just made a post about yesterday seems to have helped a lot. I had a few hives pop up today, but not too bad. I am off round now and feel pretty run down today.

Cloudy said...

Here is a page of people reporting their symptoms, like you describe.

Birdlady said...

I read the side effects and the only thing I have is the rash/hives. Unexplained rash/hives is one of the most common and hardest to diagnosed conditions out there. Lots of people find my blog through google images from the pictures I've posted of the rash. If you haven't seen them, here's two links to blog posts from 2008. You'll have to copy and paste since links do not automatically hyperlink in comments for some reason.

Rash is just so common in so many different ailments, disease and illnesses. Funny thing is, when this started happening I thought it was a food allergy or maybe a new soap. Now I know that is not the case at all.

My rash/hives is somehow related to chelation whether it is DMSA or just metals moving out of my body. I've seen that website before (doing my own research) and I do not meet any of the criteria or experience any of the symptoms other than the rash. I think it is more likely it is nickel or even lead coming out of my body. DMSA has a high affinity for both of those metals.

I know I am highly allergic to nickel because I cannot wear any fashion jewelry without breaking out in a rash wherever the metal touches.

xxx said...

I did find a dentist that Huggins recommends highly and apparently people fly in from all over to have work done by him. I just really can't decide how fast to have them removed. My naturopath said to do only one or two at a time. I know Huggins thinks faster is better. I just don't want to make myself worse. I'm teetering on the brink as it is. Haha! The lack of any sound research makes the mercury issue very frustrating. Thanks for the info!

Birdlady said...


I definitely understand your frustrations. I've pretty much made myself a guinea pig and then blog about my experiences. haha!

I recommend doing a ton of research.

I'm not really sure what Huggin's recommends actually. There were some visits I had 3 amalgams removed and then some where I only had 1. With each visit though I had on average of 4 fillings replaced or placed. For me it just depended upon what quadrant we were working on and what other cavities I needed to get filled too.

Personally I would not want to get more than 3 amalgams out in one visits. One visit took 2.5 hours long and I always have issues with keeping my jaw open that long!

Oh another thing to consider is getting the bit right too. If you get one quandrant done at a time, then you can tell if the bite is wrong.

Good luck! I recommend starting your blog so others can read about your experiences too. :) I'll link to you of course.

Mishel Hromoko said...

Did you ever try the Mercout program? I'm considering it as well...

Unknown said...

Hi Dana! Just stumbled across your blog researching more information/reviews on MercOut. I am currently having a mouth full of mercury fillings removed.
Yesterday was the first quadrant, which took almost four hours...painful!
I have yet to test for mercury poisoning, so I am looking into the MercOut test as I read the hair analysis is'nt that accurate.
I am interested in knowing what type of cleansing you did, I will search your site more.
Interesting that I have been hearing all the rave about Iodine and your the first I have heard say something negative about it. Do you have any links I can read up on it? I have been noticing more hair loss as well.
I will be starting my blog/website shortly to discuss health related topics. Come check it
Hope to see you around. God bless!

Mishel Hromoko said...

I recently completed the MercOut program and after re-testing my levels, saw no difference in my mercury toxicity. I contacted the company as they do offer a satisfaction guarantee but they would offer neither a refund nor an additional month's supply - very disappointing. Instead, I'll be working with my Naturopath on a longer DMPS program following the Cutler protocol. Will post an update in 6 months when I re-test.