Saturday, March 12, 2011

Current Events: Japan's Reports Aren't Adding Up

Since I have chronic health problems no one seems to understand, I take stories like those coming out of Japan very seriously.  Environmental toxins are something we as a society need to be more concerned about and take more appropriate precautions. The funny thing is, is I'm not a tree hugger whatsoever.  However, we allow companies and industries to pollute and destroy our environment, yet blame the little guy (you and I) for causing all of the pollution.  We are the ones to be taxed and punished while companies get a free ride to do whatever they please.  /sigh

I assume by now everyone is aware Japan is having issues cooling their nuclear reactors.  I've been following this story practically all of yesterday and now throughout today.

What we've been told does not add up.  Of course governments are known to minimize risk or even lie to its citizens.  Some people will tell you this is to keep hysteria to a minimum but I think in most cases its to just hide their incompetence or just hide information in general.   

From what I've gathered in the news (I do not own a TV so all of my reports are from online sources), is that the reactors shut down as expected when the earthquakes hit.  However even after the reactors are shut down, they need to be cooled for a period of time until all of the heat is removed.  This is what failed to occur because back up generators did not work properly.  The news says that these generators were damaged due to the water from the Tsunami.

Things have escalated since last night.  There was an explosion at the No. 1 Nuclear power plant early this morning.  I woke up to see that headline and my heart just sank.  Now I know absolutely NOTHING about nuclear power and how these things work, but this cannot be promising.  Officials keep saying that any amounts of radiation which have been vented or released into the atmosphere are not harmful.  Yet they have now increased the mandatory evacuations from 10 to 20km (12.5 miles) and they are not allowing anyone within 60km (~37 miles) into the region.  Common sense tells you that this does not make any sense...

In addition to those reports, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are considering handing out iodine to residents in the area of the nuclear plant.  They are also warned not to turn on air conditioners nor drink tap water according to this report.

There are now three workers who have been exposed to high levels of radiation, but did not need decontamination treatment.

Lastly, reports claim that there has been no meltdown, yet radioactive cesium and iodine was detected near the plant.   This report from Kyodo News, says that they have had to admit there was some meltdown, yet  those headlines are not being carried.  In fact the denial is still happening (at least online).  Perhaps the TV reports are caught up by now.   

While all of this is happening, we are being told at the same time everything is safe.  ...Yeah right.

Update 3:05PM - People are now being scanned for radiation at evacuation centers.  Another report here, which ironically also says a nuclear catastrophe has been averted.

So obviously something fishy is going on here and for the greater good of the residents in Japan and the world, we need the truth.   "They" say there has been no damage to the steel container, but how can you honestly believe them at this point...For hours they were saying no radiation was released yet there has been detection of radioactive cesium and iodine.  

Updated 3:10- The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency board is saying the only way the explosion occured at the plant is by meltdown of the reactor core.

And people wonder why I am so critical of the government, doctors and mainstream medicine?  They just say whatever is convenient at the time and whatever collateral damage that occurs means nothing to them.  If you are one of the ones who gets sick...well screw you.  They will ignore you and turn their back on you. 

I pray this turns out OK, but I don't have a good feeling about it.

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