Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ride My Bike Every Day

I want to get more active and try to feel a little better about myself, but I have to be realistic. With POTS or any chronic health problems, self-esteem and self-confidence goes out the window.  How can you be happy with yourself when you cannot do anything normal with your life? 

I have decided for the rest of the month of March, I will ride my recumbent bike for at least 5 minutes a day.  I know this sounds truly pathetic.  I am 26 and can only do 5 minutes of bike riding? WHAT? I CAN do more, but I have to keep this time very low so I do not injure myself or overdo it.  I used to ride my bike for MILES and MILES on a daily basis when I was in my early teenage years.  I was known in the neighborhood as "the girl who always rides her bike".  When my family would vacation at Pymatuning State Park, I'd bike ride at least 10-15 miles a day easily and I loved every moment of it.  Even back then though I was suffering from POTS, however it seemed more easily controlled.  Having the wind in my face while riding always helped to keep me cool.

5 minutes should be doable... Just have to keep motivated.

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