Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Took My First DMPS Dose!

After some confusion on Fedex's part, I finally have my DMPS and I took my first dose of 50mg orally.  I'm not sure what to expect and hope that I do not feel terrible or get severe rashes from it.  Many people will tell you how terrible DMPS is, how it is toxic and going to kill me because it is not FDA approved.  They link the DMPS backfire website and say not to take it. (You need to do your own research on this and need to know I've only come to this decision after long term use of DMSA with no help)

A few of the reports I read on that website were mostly just doctors doing the stupidest things or it seems like a lot of these people had underlying conditions that were not being taken care of in the first place.  One story the woman started vomiting (which is pretty bad) yet she admits in her report that she has had these 'attacks' at other times in her life before the DMPS, yet she says it was all caused by the DMPS injection.  This makes no sense to me at all.  If it was DMPS, then why did you have episodes of this during other periods of your life?  This should make this woman want to figure out WHY she is vomiting rather than blame it on the chelator.

Some of the reports show they were doing DMPS IV's with amalgams still in! Stupid.  Or they were doing multiple IV's a week and/or not supplementing with vitamins at all.  All of this is stupid stupid stupid.  Those who favor DMSA are typically websites who are selling it too.  Since DMSA can be purchased over the counter,  these websites will of course tell you how bad DMPS is when they cannot prescribe it to you.  They want you to buy it from their website and will say whatever you want to hear.

Also comparing DMSA to DMPS is very different especially since DMSA is not given by IV, ever.  If DMSA was given by IV, then I suspect all of the same symptoms and side effects would be associated with it too.  Especially with people doing stupid things with it.  

If you are a returning visitor to my blog, you know how little I care about "FDA approval".  I'm in this situation because of the FDA and their approval for using amalgams in humans.

Why am I trying DMPS?  Because DMSA is not working.  I haven't been able to find any frequent doser who has RECOVERED with DMSA.  One person on the frequent dose chelation yahoo group has been chelating for 6 1/2 years with little to no improvement.  Uh it's not working and this is my cue to start looking elsewhere. I don't want to be here 6 years later no better than when I started.  I've already wasted 3 years of my life. 

DMPS is much better at pulling mercury out of the body and that's exactly what I want to do.  Dr. Cutler himself says it is better for most people because it does not disturb digestion or yeast issues and will not lower your neutrophils.  I don't have issues with my digestion, but my neutrophils are always lowered when taking DMSA.  DMSA gives me unbearable hives/rashes and I am curious to see if DMPS does the same.  If it does NOT then I know the hives are from DMSA itself rather than it moving metals around.

After ~17 rounds of DMSA I am not feeling ANY improvements.  All of the improvements I have had since starting chelation can be attributed to other things I have done with my health such as taking hydrocortisone, florinef and drastically cleaning up my diet.   The frequent dose chelation folks would just tell me to "keep at it" and all of this nonsensical bullshit.  No, I should have been feeling SOMETHING at this point.

I am following the "frequent dose" schedule for this, but with DMPS you take it every 8 hours which will be very nice at night!  I'm doing 3 day rounds and I have enough pills with this bottle for 4 rounds worth.  If things continue to go well, then I'll get the refills.  The doctor gave me 5 refills!


Cloudy said...

Watching your updates. thanks. Good luck!

Birdlady said...

Cloudy I am feeling great (well at least normal for me lol)! I have ZERO symptoms. No headaches, NO rashes or hives! This is incredible. We'll see if it eventually catches up to me though.

It could take a few rounds.

Aine said...

Good luck with DMPS! I found that chelation went a lot easier for me when I switched from DMSA to DMPS. I had the netrophil problem too -- horrible yeast!

Birdlady said...

Hi Aine, I actually came across your blog and I did not realize you used DMPS. This further proves (to me) that DMPS might be the only way to get better.

I'll stick a link to your blog on the side bar tomorrow. It is bed time for me now though. :)

I am still feeling good too. 4 more pills and then I'm quitting this round just to be sure everything is ok. Don't want to overdo it!