Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Nuclear Issues : Taking Iodine?

I am worried about this nuclear plant issue in Japan.  There are at least 3 reactors that are facing meltdown.  This is very scary not only for those in Japan, but for the entire world.   This could have catastrophic implications for the entire world depending upon how bad this gets.  If I were in Japan, I'd get the hell out of there and get as far away from these nuclear plants as possible.  Much further away than the 12 miles....  US Navy ships have detected high levels of radiation and have moved the ships further away.  The catch is these ships were over 100 miles northeast of the plants!  There are reports that the radiation from Japan will be reaching the US. 

As you can probably tell I have been studying this pretty much non-stop since the earthquake hit.  Ever since my bad bad reaction to taking iodine in 2008, I have been completely against any form of supplemental iodine.  I warn people to do it as their own risk.  You do not know how your body will react to it!

You have alternative news medias telling people to take iodine to protect the thyroid against the radioactive iodine.  In a perfect body this makes sense and may be very helpful.  Most of those people on these sites or alternative news media consider taking iodine completely harmless.  I can attest that it is not completely harmless.  It will cause your thyroid to create more thyroid hormone.  In my case, A LOT more hormone.  Those people already with an autoimmune thyroid condition but undiagnosed could send themselves into a thyroid storm...If that happens, you better get yourself to the hospital immediately.

The amount of iodine in the potassium iodate supplements intended for nuclear fallout accidents is VERY high.  I found my supply of 200 capsules of KI03. 1 tablet is 85mg (35mg iodide, 50mg elemental iodine).  The dosage is 2 tablets a day for an adult.  That's 160 170mg of iodine...HOLY COW!  I have never taken that much iodine, ever.  When my hair fell out, I was only taking 1-2 Iodoral tabs a day.  1 Iodoral tab has 7.5 mg iodide / 5 mg of iodine.  Huge difference there.  Even at these low doses, I felt completely OUT OF MY MIND as if I had drank about 10 espressos one after another.  Some people will say it's a bromide detox or some other bull, but I think it was simply the increase in T4 hormone production, which was then converted into the active thyroid hormone T3. 

Even though I vowed to never take iodine again, if this situation in Japan escalates and it is found the radiation has traveled to the US, even I might take some potassium iodide.  I cannot believe I just typed that...I am concerned it may trigger an autoimmune response in the body though like it did before in 2008.  Then what am I supposed to do.  I am very worried about all of this.  However, I suppose an autoimmune disease from iodine is better than having radioactive iodine in my thyroid.  The lesser of two evils is not very helpful in this situation.  Either way I'm going to suffer greatly. 

As it stands now my thyroid works pretty damn well, so I do not need to add any other health issues.

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