Friday, March 4, 2011

Feeling Odd, DMPS and Robins

I have been feeling out of it these past few days.  I cannot put my finger on it, but something is not quite right.  It's like low cortisol symptoms but taking more doesn't do anything.  Blah!    It also feels like low blood sugar, but that does not seem right either. 

I'm getting this weird achy pain in the front of my head.  Typically a mild headache mean low cortisol for me and I take an extra 2.5 or 5mg and I'm all better.  Not this time around.   Was it the extra 40mg I took that has my body messed up now?  Was it just the surgery itself because I could have been exposed to some mercury?  I have no idea.  Or maybe it's because my sleep schedule is sooooo messed up!  Perhaps this is more likely the case because I'm trying to switch my schedule around, so I am not taking my HC at the same time each day.

Well whatever it is, I hope it begins to pass.

In other news, I think I'll be getting DMPS from this local doctor.  I had to basically beg him.  Interestingly I had him take my BP while sitting and standing to let him to see what happens.  My bp was like 145/90 sitting and as soon as I stood up he said my heart rate went insane but my BP didn't change at all.  I was just glad he got to see it in action in his own office.  I was sweating soo much and was feeling completely insane during that appointment.  My norepinephrine goes through the roof when I'm engaged in deep conversation, which would raise the BP quite a lot.  It can be unpleasant and I'll profusely sweat with pit stains and everything.  That's so attractive!

Completely unrelated--I noticed some American robins are back in the area scrounging for food in the yard.  I guess spring must be closer than I expected which is scary for me.   The warm air is going to kill me this year.

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