Sunday, May 31, 2009

What's My Eye Gonna Do?

Last night I woke up and my eye was pretty wonky. There were definitely some flashing lights. After the mini panic attack, I calmed myself down and just stared into the dark to see exactly what was happening. I got up to get some water and realized that everything was OK.

I am definitely seeing more bright spots in my vision that go away just about as fast as they come on. Yesterday my eye was pretty good. Didn't notice anything until late last night when I asked my husband if there were fireflies out (lightning bugs) and he told me So obviously I was seeing some spots last night too.

When I woke up today for the day, my eye was not good. It felt very heavy and there was this strange pressure on the left side of my head. Thankfully that discomfort has gone away for the most part and the vision seems better now. If I can make it through this week to my next eye appointment, I will be relieved. Right now I just feel like it could "go" at any moment and I'll have to call the emergency number on the doctor's card.

I asked my hormone doctor exactly what I would need to do if I needed surgery and I'll have to mega stress dose before and after any type of surgery. He said to take 50-60mg of HC an hour before the surgery and then another 50-60mg of HC afterward as well. Then I might have to taper down the next day or not. I need to be ready for whatever happens.


imgeha said...


It's my understanding that you would need to speak to the anesthetist beforehand, and ensure that you receive IV HC during the surgery itself, to keep the body from going into crisis.

Hopefully it won't come to that! This must be very worrying for you. Hang in there!


Theo said...


Have you considered stopping whatever meds you are taking to see if this gets better? Just because there are no documented cases, it does not mean there is no correlation between your meds and your eye problems.


Birdlady said...

Hey Nicola!
I don't think the surgery is that complex if it would come to that. From what I read online, if it's just a vitreous tear then it's a very quick 10-15 minute laser surgery. If it's a full blown retina detachment, that's when it's a little more in depth. Unfortunately I will need to spring into action because my eye could go literally at any moment LOL My dad's eye did when he was at work.

Hi Theo!
I have been pondering this over and over in my head. I agree that this seems like one hell of a coincidence. However...It would actually be life threatening to stop hydrocortisone cold turkey.

Every year I have to get new glasses because my prescription gets worse and worse. Just my correction alone makes me at high risk for a vitreous/retinal detachment. My left eye is -5.00 and my right eye is -5.25

I can't go back to old me, so I am staying on the meds.