Friday, May 1, 2009

Feeling Crazy Today

I feel absolutely out of my mind today. Jittery, nervous, anxious and very very shaky. My hands are trembling quite a bit. This morning I took 1/2 tab of florinef and yet my pulse is high and blood pressure is falling upon standing.

Sitting Pulse 102/77 HR 113
Standing Pulse 96/76 HR 123

AHHH my pulse was doing so well too....I think I'm worse today because the humidity has finally climbed. It is 70% humidity and 71 degrees. That may not seem hot to those of you who live in a dry climate. I assure you that 70% humidity isn't good no matter what temperature.

I'm supposed to continue adding florinef 1/4 tab at a time. My doc said most people are optimized at 1-2 tabs and I only started taking 3/4 tab today.

We'll see what happens. I hope the shaking hands are just low cortisol symptoms.

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