Wednesday, February 17, 2010

At the Eye Doctors...

It was an interesting visit with the more experienced ophthalmologist. First he said that I do not have a posterior vitreous detachment...Um....Okay wow? So I had 2 other doctors in that same practice tell me I did and then this guy says, nope.

He was quite concerned about the blobs, lines and "stuck" lights in my vision and has asked my PCP to order an MRI. He said that there is nothing wrong with my eyes and the White Without Pressure is absolutely nothing to worry about. He thinks the lights are neurological so I'll do it just so I can cross that off the list.

I was sort of ticked off yesterday after hearing all of this because what the HELL have I been doing for the past 8 months? I've gone into that eye doctor numerous times, examined at least 4-5 times by 3 different doctors and they all said I had a PVD? Perhaps those other doctors need to be retrained.

The good news is that, IF there is no structural damage done to the eye, then maybe I can solve the weird lights. Perhaps it's nerve damage from a mineral deficiency after all?

I got some old labs from Dr. G yesterday as well. I'm going to have my parathyroid checked as I had a few calcium levels above 10.0 with a low vitamin D level. I also am looking to have Intrinsic Factor antibodies and Parietal antibodies checked to screen for Pernicious anemia. My first B12 reading was 249! An interesting thing is that my FT3 before cortisol treatment at that time was 320 (230-420) which isn't all that bad.

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