Sunday, February 7, 2010

I forgot to mention...

...that I went to the eye doc last week some time. I got really sick of this light being stuck in my vision. The one lasted nearly 4 days. I finally found someone online that has this exact same thing as me, but sadly this thread was from 2007 and no one found anything wrong with his eyes. These lights only started AFTER I was diagnosed with the posterior vitreous detachment, so one would think there's a connection.

I saw the retina specialist I had seen originally who diagnosed the White Without Pressure and an impending vitreous detachment. This time he told me that the White Without Pressure looks really odd and it's not something he's ever seen before...Um. thanks? haha Now he wants me to see one of the more experienced retina specialists who has "25 years more experience than me". He said that since he's never seen this before, that he wanted someone else to take a look to see what we should do. He said that if this other doctor thinks it's necessary, then they may want to do pre-emptive laser surgery on it. I'm not exactly sure what is weird about it. He just said that it looks really odd, shiny, and very iridescent? These are the best, most recommended ophthalmologists in this area, so if he hasn't seen something then this definitely needs checked out. This doctor probably sees at least hundreds of eyes every week! He said that once he hears from the other doctor, then in 25 years when another case of whatever I have comes through the door, he'll know what to No one really has this? haha

The doc said that the lights I'm seeing may not be related to the White Without Pressure, but since I'm having some problems it's all the more reason to be seen. My appointment is February 15th.

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