Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ugh Sinus Infection? Mild Flu?

My husband had some flu-like sinus bug for a few days and I thought I was lucky and completely dodged it. Well yesterday I woke up and my sinuses were clogged, throat was hurting from all the drainage and I just felt really out of it. DARN! I was really hoping that I'd missed this one. I don't feel achy or anything like that. Just clogged up, no taste, no smell and my ears are popping when I yawn. I took some extra HC and I think I'll be stress dosing slightly until I feel better. I did a lot of shoveling the night before I got sick. Maybe that's not a coincidence?

It could be a lot worse, but maybe it hasn't completely hit me yet...hahah

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imgeha said...

Hi Dana

make sure you stress dose properly, otherwise it will take forever to go. Double doses for at least 2 days, preferably 3, then go back down.

Have had to stop the beta blockers, as they give me heart pain for some reason. Back to the drawing board .... :-(