Saturday, February 6, 2010

Too Much Snow

We got A LOT of snow. It looks like up to 2 feet is outside right now and I have NO IDEA how we are going to shovel it all. Last time I tried to shovel snow, my heart rate nearly hit 200, I began to shake and I thought I was going to vomit and collapse. It took me nearly an hour to recover and that was only 10 inches of snow!

I took my beta blocker already, so that when I go out it should be working. I'm going to stress dose for this too with the HC and see what happens. I do not recommend anyone do what I'm doing... I'm just absolutely nuts/insane and don't want to see my husband do all the work. We both have "heart problems" now and I hate to see him get stuck with this.

Update: Shoveling went really really well. My heart was definitely up there, but I did not feel so fatigued,short of breath and faint. We still have another round or 2 to go, but I'll be okay. I did better than my husband...It HAS to be the beta-blocker. There is nothing else that is different and HC has never helped my heart problems.

Here are my blood pressures Sitting. 105/73 HR 89 Standing 117/69 HR 92 What a difference!

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